valiant quartet

Title:valiant quartet
Author:g g connell
Publisher:william kimber and co ltd
Edition:1st Edition
Cover Type:Hardback
Dust Jacket:Yes
Book Condition:Good
Description:authors signature
Features:From a total of six light cruisers constructed and commissioned in the later half of World War I, four of them, Coventry, Cairo, Calcutta and Curlew were to share the same fate, destruction by enemy action in World War II, for which they were recommissioned after conversion into anti-aircraft ships. But they also had something else in common. Into each ship in 1939 was drafted one of four mobilised units of antiaircraft citizen amateur gunners, raised and trained by London Division of the RNVR, young men who had also worked and trained together to become seamen gunners in the years preceding World War II as members of HMS President. The cruisers fought with little respite from constant disasters mdash; the Norwegian campaign; rescuing the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk; on the Malta convoys from the East and West Mediterranean; the central Mediterranean basin operations in support of the Desert Army; the ill-fated expedition to help Greece mdash; and more, until the last of them was sunk. G. G. Connell, who is also the author of Fighting Destroyer, served aboard Coventry, and he has written a detailed and dramatic account of the lives of this doomed quartet, as well as an authoritatively researched history of their operations. He takes the reader with him through North Sea gales, Mediterranean sunshine, happy experiences ashore and on leave mdash; and relives the appalling experiences of being under enemy fire and fighting for survival having been hit by torpedoes.


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